Diaper bags and Go bags

Diaper bags

Moms are warriors! Whether you are battling tantrums, fevers or lack of sleep. The most important thing is for a mom or dad is to be prepared, the most important thing in the mom arsenal is the diaper bag. No matter which bag you choose you need to fill it with the right things. Below is a list of the things I would suggest or that have helped me personally in the past!

  1. Diapers (obviously)
  2. Wipes (these are for bottoms, sticky fingers and dirty surfaces)
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Changing pad
  5. Plastic bags (for soiled diapers, clothes or blankets)
  6. Bottles/breast milk/ formula
  7. Blanket
  8. Extra clothes (two extra outfits for baby and at least one clean shirt for mom)
  9. Pacifiers
  10. Sunscreen/hat
  11. Emergency information (the baby’s doctors info, blood type, allergies and family members info)
  12. Sling or wrap (even if you have a stroller, you never know when you will need a hands-free carrier)
  13. Bottled water (this can be used for multiple things and is always good to have with you.

You can add things such as toys as needed but these are the main things I would recommend. You don’t know how many times my daughter went through her diaper and I wished I had brought an extra shirt. Also if you are in the parking lot changing a baby who spit up all over themself a bottle of water to pre-rinse an outfit can save your babies clothes! Moms have to be quick on their toes when a “crisis” happens, so be sure to have the essentials with you at all times.

Go bags

Now say your child is potty trained, you can then retire the diaper bag for what I call “the go bag.” This is slightly smaller than the diaper bag but just as important and has saved my behind on multiple occasions. The beauty of this bag is it can be left in your car because it is only needed when you are out for the day. The items for this bag are listed below.

  1. Baby wipes (while no longer for bottoms they still work for sticky fingers, dirty faces, etc.)
  2. Bottled water (to drink while at the park or while shopping, to rinse skinned knees, etc.)
  3. Change of clothes (I suggest two pairs of underwear, even if your child doesn’t normally have accidents it’s better to be safe than sorry)
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Emergency info (doctors info, family members to contact, allergies and blood type)
  6. Child toys/ coloring book/ entertainment
  7. Snacks (include a granola bar or energy bars for yourself)
  8. First aid kit

Like the diaper bag you can add things or take things as needed. I feel more comfortable knowing that if something happens I am prepared. Keep up the good fight warrior moms and prepare yourself for anything you child throws at you.

Thank you for reading and please comment any questions, products you would like to have tested or anything you would add to either bag!

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I am a stay at home mom! I have one beautiful daughter with plans for one more!

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