Frilly Vs. Functional

Every new parent loves baby clothes. Getting everything prepared for your new bundle of joy is exciting and fun. Though I think mostly the ladies tend to get lost in the world of the frilly. Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl it is so easy to find clothing that would look great in pictures but wouldn’t really work for much else. My cousin sent me $120 worth a baby girl dresses before my daughter was born. I was so happy and excited that I didn’t even think about how babies really are.

Even the easiest of babies are going to spit up. It is a fact of life. While they look super cute in there lacy dress and silk bloomers once they spit up or have the dreaded “blow out” those expensive outfits are no longer any good.  My daughter took pictures in all the dresses but they were only worn once and I felt awful that my cousin had spent so much for them to sit in the closet. It is your job as parents to let your family members know that while frilly is okay and well adorable, they are better off spending their money on clothing that would work daily rather than things that just wouldn’t hold up to daily use. My daughter lived in onesies and creepers (footed pajamas onesies) that wouldn’t hinder her from moving around. These don’t restrict movement and are cheaper.

Babies move!! While newborns lay around and sleep, once your baby finds their arms and feet they are never still again, ever.  They wiggle, roll, eventually crawl, pull up on furniture and before you are ready, walk. Dresses can be downright dangerous when your baby is scooting around the floor. They don’t always learn to move forward first and their dress can move up around their arms and face. They can be crawling correctly and get under their knees and cause a nose dive. I am not saying they can’t ever wear them, just keep in mind what it is your child will be doing that day and dress them accordingly. This is also true of the baby boy ties. I know that they are mostly clip-ons but they can still get in the way of your moving child.

Clothes aren’t the only thing you have to be aware of as a parent. Lots of people like to add filly touches in their child crib or around their bassinets. Babies put EVERYTHING in their mouths!!! The pads you put around your child’s crib are great to make sure they don’t get between the bars but please make sure that they are tied tight. Babies will use these to pull on and they will roll to them and try to get them in their mouths. Just check these regularly that your child cant pull anything off or that they aren’t too loose and completely defeating the purpose of having them. Also look for loose threads and things regularly.

I am not trying to stop you from having pretty or frilly things. I just learned the hard way (a blowout in a store) that just because it is pretty doesn’t mean it will stand up to daily use on an active baby. I also had to learn (my child choking on a string in her crib) that just because it is pretty doesn’t mean it is something I need to not pay close attention too. I want you and your child to be happy and healthy. Please pay close attention and enjoy buying all the things you will need for your new little one.

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I am a stay at home mom! I have one beautiful daughter with plans for one more!

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