Yearly Bucket List!

Every year on New Years Day people make resolutions. They swear this will be the year they stop smoking, or to drop the weight, etc… While this is fine in 2015 I decided to do a yearly bucket list! I make a list of things I want to complete in that year. I chose 15 things in 2015, now it is 2019 so I will be making a list of 19 things to complete this year. I would like to encourage everyone to give it a try!

Making Your List

Don’t put a bunch of things you know you cannot complete! This is not your life’s bucket list, this is a years list! If you know you don’t have the finances for a trip to Hawaii for a week, don’t add it! Put trip to the beach, then if finances for Hawaii come in June, awesome, but if not you can take a trip to a closer beach. I personally like to choose a couple family activities, “go to a museum,” “go to a theme park,” “take family to the zoo,” etc. Also add something for you and your spouse! “Date night,” “Romantic weekend,” etc. These things will remind you all year to make time for family and your partner! Being a busy family sometimes these things get forgotten in the hustle! The final thing I like to add and recommend that you do as well is to learn something new. Whether it is a recipe or a skill, take the time to help you grow as a person! Pinterest and YouTube are filled with DIY projects, take the time to use them!

Completing Your List

I admit there has been years that I don’t complete everything on my list and that’s okay! I think of the list as a reminder through the year to slow down and take time to make memories! I use the calendar app on my phone to remind me to look at my list and choose something to complete during the month. While going to a theme park in February isn’t always doable it is a great month to have that date night. June won’t work for seeing snow for the first time but it would be good for taking the family to the zoo. Just remind yourself to take a look and not everything on your list has to cost money. A picnic in the park is free and a great chance for family time!

I hope you will join me in the 2019 bucket list! Take the time to make a list for yourself or make a list for the whole family, letting your kids add some things they would like to do or try!! Resolutions are great, though most are forgotten. I will add my list below as an example and I will post throughout the year of the things I actually get to mark off the list. Have a great New Year and I hope you have many great adventures in 2019!

🥳🥳 My List 🥳🥳

  1. Go to the Houston zoo
  2. Teach the puppy a new trick
  3. Start my Etsy shop
  4. Dye my hair
  5. Teach niece to sew
  6. Surprise Spouse
  7. Learn a new recipe
  8. Read Year one by Nora Roberts
  9. Volunteer
  10. Mommy/daughter day
  11. Try a new food
  12. Family picnic
  13. Date Night
  14. Spend time with sister
  15. Movie night with family
  16. Go to aquarium in Corpus
  17. Family photos
  18. Spend a day fishing
  19. Update wardrobe

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I am a stay at home mom! I have one beautiful daughter with plans for one more!

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