Ninja Mom

From the minute people find out they are going to be parents we begin asking other parents for advice. Women will ask their girl friends for advice on which doctor to go to, what bottles, diapers, and laundry detergent that fellow moms used.

We are living in a time that we can get overwhelmed with options! Parents just want to choose the right products for their families. You research and a lot of parenting is product testing! You buy because of a friends suggestion or research.

Well that is where I come in! I will be testing maternity products, baby items, cleaning supplies, pinterest recipes, and children’s toys. This blog is to save you money, time and stress! When I was a new mom I spent time and money on trial and error! Hopefully this will help you choose the right products for your family.14AF9749-F478-4295-95B2-4352D21F36C0